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Why do Chinese suppliers invite me to a business dinner? Does it mean their prod

No, Chinese business dinners are based on tradition. If done properly, the business banquet is one of the best ways to demonstrate one's knowledge and appreciation of Chinese culture to current or future business associates.


Giving gift is the same. Unlike many countries, the giving of gifts does not carry any negative connotations when doing business in China. Gifts should always be exchanged for celebrations, as thanks for assistance and even as a sweetener for future favours. However, it is important not to give gifts in the absence of a good reason or a witness. This may be construed differently.


Business gifts are always reciprocated. They are seen as debts that must be repaid. When giving gifts, people are not supposed to give cash. They need to be items of worth or beauty. Do not be too frugal with your choice of gift otherwise you will be seen as an “iron rooster”, i.e. getting a good gift out of you is like getting a feather out of an iron rooster.

Chinese Culture
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