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Chinese Custom
1   What’s “guanxi”?
2   What’s “Mianzi”?
3   What’s “geimianzi”?
4   What’s “meimianzi”?
5   What’s “liumianzi”?
6   What’s “yuanfen”?
7   What’s “keqi”?
8   What are the well-known Chinese festivals?
9   When do Chinese people usually take a long vacation?
10   What is the symbolism of colours in Chinese traditions?
11   Why do Chinese refuse to be complimented?
12   What are the features of Chinese modesty?
13   Who is Confucius?
14   Why do Chinese suppliers invite me to a business dinner? Does it mean their prod
15   How do Chinese accept a gift?
16   What does “Have you eaten” mean?
17   Should I arrive earlier when hosting a banquet?
18   What's the order of Chinese names?
19   Do people need to take off their shoes at the door before entering a house?
20   Do I need to tip in China?
21   Why do younger Chinese give up a seat to elders on bus?
22   What are the differences between western wedding and Chinese wedding?
23   How to enjoy Beijing opera?
24   Does every Chinese learn Kungfu?
25   How many categories of tea are there in China?
26   Why do Guangdong people tap the table when someone pours tea for them?
27   What are the features of Chinese tea house?
28   How many kinds of styles are there in Chinese cuisine?
29   Why do Chinese fight over the bill in restaurants?
30   What’s Cheongsam?
31   What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
32   What’s Silk Road?

Chinese Culture
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