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Business Etiquette
1   Greetings in China
2   How to exchange business cards?
3   What should my business card include?
4   What's the difference between business relationship in China and in western coun
5   How to address the Chinese names?
6   What's the business meeting etiquette in China?
7   What are the most popular topics when having small talk with Chinese people?
8   What’s the seat etiquette in Chinese business culture?
9   What's the difference between Chinese dinner and western dinner?
10   Do I need to order all of dishes if I'm the guest?
11   What’s the signal to dine in China?
12   When I cheer at a Chinese dinner table, what should I do?
13   Why do the Chinese always fetch food for me? What is the appropriate reaction?
14   How to fetch food from the center of the table? Can I use my own chopsticks?
15   How to eat with chopsticks?
16   How to hold a rice bowl?
17   How much should I pick from dishes at one time?
18   What should I do when the dish is soupy?
19   Do I need to drink a lot when having a business dinner?
20   Can I give a gift to my Chinese business partner?
21   How to give a gift to an individual?
22   Why do Chinese people sometimes refuse my gift?
23   What is the appropriate reaction when receiving gifts from Chinese?
24   Which kind of gifts is popular among Chinese?
25   Should I shake hands with the Chinese for the first time we meet?
26   How to build business relation-ship in China?
27   Should I avoid jokes when doing business with the Chinese?
28   How to present my delegation?
29   What kind of behaviors would be considered rude by Chinese people?
30   Is seniority important in China?
31   How are Chinese business negotiating styles different from western business nego
32   How to identify who makes the final decision?
33   Why are Chinese people renowned for being tough negotiators?
34   How to say NO in china?
35   Does YES always mean YES in China?
36   Is Guanxi important in negotiations?
37   How to impress Chinese counter-parties in negotiations?
38   What composition should I have for my team when negotiating with the Chinese?
39   What should I prepare for a price negotiation?
40   Are contracts sometimes flexible in Chinese business culture?
41   Body language in China
42   How to negotiate with the Chinese?

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