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What are the differences between western wedding and Chinese wedding?

In China, marriage is considered to be one of the three most important things in one's whole life. Chinese wedding is a ceremonial ritual within Chinese societies that involve a marriage established by pre-arrangement between families.


When the wedding day comes, the bride’s and groom’s families perform "hair dressing" ritual for the bride and "capping" ritual for the groom, which symbolizes their initiation into adulthood and were important parts of the wedding preparations.


The bride would wear auspicious and festive red clothes, and the bridegroom would wear a special wedding suit accompanied by a procession to pick up his bride.


Then the bride and groom will leave her home and proceed to meet the groom's parents for Tea Ceremony. The couple needs to serve tea to both parents and guests. In return, they will be presented with jewelry and money placed in red envelopes.


The feast or wedding banquet is an important part during the wedding. Wedding banquets are to thank family and friends for the kindness they have shown throughout the years. Most feasts will serve a twelve course meal including delicacies like roasted pig.


The night of the wedding, the bridal room will lit dragon and phoenix candle to drive away the evil spirit, the newlyweds will drink wine from two cups tied together with a red string, arms crossed with each other.

Chinese Culture
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