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Appliance Exports Encountered Difficulties: Difficulties In The Change To Become
Since this year 2011, by the U.S.subprime mortgage crisis, RMB appreciation, rising raw material and labor costs and transport costs and other negative effects of superposition of multiple, China.


Home Appliances Exports are facing unprecedented difficulties. But the good news is,China's household electrical appliances in Africa,Latin Americaand other emerging markets, rapid export growth. Meanwhile, some focus on product development, brand management business also showed strong adaptation to environmental change and competitiveness. So, faced with difficulties, companies need to dig deep-seated reasons behind the difficulties to find real breakthrough way.


Whether from the market or from the business point of view,China's home appliance export is facing an unprecedented predicament. The first 5 months the number of Chinese home appliance exports to the U.S. negative growth in export value has only a slight increase; China exports over 100 million U.S. dollars of individual appliances in the main business of the export volume and export amount of negative growth at the same time, some small and medium enterprises, in particular, is dependent the survival of SMEs in European and American markets in imminent danger, or stop production or close down, is out of the market. The face of difficulties, companies need to dig deep-seated reasons behind the difficulties to find real breakthrough way.


Superposition of multiple negative effects in terms of export quantity and export value from, theUnited Statesare our most important export market for home appliances. But from January to May,China's exports to theU.S.appliance negative growth, export value has only a slight increase. Statistics, from January to May our home appliance exports to the U.S. 284 million units, down 4.4%, export value of 3.442 billion U.S. dollars, up 1%. Especially in February, the number ofChina's home appliance exports to theU.S.fell by 21.2%, decrease the amount of 1 .7%.


Weakness in the U.S. market directly affects not only the export of household electrical appliances in China, but also the survival of China's domestic appliance business and the development of domestic markets have some potential impact. This year, theU.S.sub-prime crisis, RMB appreciation, rising raw material prices, labor costs and energy, increased transportation costs and other negative effects of superposition of multiple home and abroad, the export situation is not optimistic aboutChina's home appliances. From the China Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce learned that from January to May,Chinaexported 17.108 billion U.S. dollars home appliances, up 19.9%. Export growth compared to last year, down nearly 8 percent. Among them, Air conditioning Device machine export 25,707,700 units, up 3.9%, export value of 4.445 billion U.S. dollars, up 21.2%; Refrigerator Taiwan export 10,250,300, up by 2.2%, the amount of 1.187 billion U.S. dollars export, up 10.4%; Washing machine Export 6,172,300 units, up 16.7%, export amount of 763 million U.S. dollars, up 24.9%.


Over the same period, Small appliances Exports is also mixed. This year, significantly accelerate the appreciation of the yuan against the U.S. dollar. As of July 27, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar is 1:6.818, the cumulative appreciation of the end of last year has been more than 6%, which far exceeded the company's expectations. According to estimates, the yuan continues to appreciate a variety of factors such as household appliances production costs caused by stacking up 20% to 30%. This increase is not only beyond the capacity of enterprises, but also beyond the ability of market acceptance. Many household appliances export enterprises that export prices will affect, but not prices of enterprises are loss of business if they can not effectively control costs, offer will lose competitiveness, resulting in loss of market. Businesses can not be fully passed on rising costs, some upward pressure on costs depend on the enterprises themselves to digest, significantly increase the burden on businesses.


Easy to cultivate emerging market brand "from a single subject to export channels, to expand in Africa, Latin America, the export market to achieve market diversification is a useful addition. Moreover, Chinese home appliances inIndia,Russia, the export of some other large emerging markets growth, to some extent offset growth in exports ofChinato the European market, the fall. "CCCME Chinese home appliance branch of the relevant responsible person said.


While the U.S., Hong Kong and the United Kingdom's export decline, but with South America, Africa, the region's economic upswing and the market becomes more active, and increasingly focused on China's household electrical appliance enterprises of market diversification, China on Latin America and Africa appliances The rapid growth of exports has become a new bright spot.

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