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The Best Kitchen Appliance Colors

 Kitchen appliances come in a variety of colors. At one time, the majority of kitchen appliances were white or black. Although many homes still have white or black appliances in the kitchen, more kitchens are featuring appliances in a range of colors on the spectrum, including bold hues such as red, blue and gold. What colors are right for you will depend on your kitchen and your tastes. You may wish to choose traditional appliance colors or something outrageous and flashy.


Bold Colors

Appliances that come in colors such as red, blue or green are still not very common in kitchens. Many people who choose colored appliances want to play it safe by choosing neutrals such as beige, or earth tones. However, bold colors can be exciting and can make your kitchen seem unusual. Choose appliance colors that have a relationship with the other colors in the kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is decorated primarily in sage green, you have the option of buying sage green appliances -- or you can choose green's complement, a dark and bold red.


Earth Tones

Understated appliance colors like earth tones will add a little color to the decor of your kitchen without going overboard. Again, you'll need to pick colors that already match -- or at least don't clash with -- the color of the kitchen. Light browns will match most kitchens that have been decorated in warm colors, while light gray will match kitchens that have been decorated in cooler colors.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular choice and becoming more so. Stainless steel appliances look their best in kitchens that have earth-toned color schemes that aren't too dark or too light. Unfortunately, stainless steel can be tough to keep clean and will show hand prints and other stains easily. However, most people who choose stainless steel like the sober, professional look of stainless steel and find the extra care and maintenance worth it.


Black and White

Black and white appliances still look great, despite changing preferences for stainless steel or colored kitchen appliances. White appliances need the least amount of care, and work well in kitchens that are overall lighter in color. Black appliances have a sleek, modern look, but they do show scratches more easily than white appliances. Black appliances look best in kitchens with darker color schemes.


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