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Trends in Kitchen Appliances

Today's kitchen appliances are expected to be more functional and energy-efficient than ever. Designers and consumers alike are looking beyond colors and finishes for the appliances that will best suit their needs in their modern kitchens. Stainless steel finishes remain the must-have look for the kitchen, but what's underneath the finish is what counts.


Going Green

The Energy Star label is one of the most-sought-after attributes of kitchen appliances today. Money-saving and planet-friendly, an Energy Star appliance makes life in the kitchen easier. From dishwashers to refrigerators, people are looking for Energy Star labels on their updated appliances. An Energy Star label on your appliance ensures that you are saving water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Some Energy Star-labeled appliances are eligible for state rebates.



Coffeemakers with programmable timers, espresso machines and four-slice toasters are appliances that make your morning routine easier and save you money. Appliances that can multitask, such as microwaves that are installed over the stove and serve as range hoods, are space-savers that look sleek. New refrigerators have multiple compartments with individual temperature controls so that consumers can adjust the use of their refrigerators to whatever particular needs they have at a given time.


Convection ovens and induction ranges are popular for their fast cooking times and energy-saving attributes. Getting dinner on the table faster means more time for hobbies or homework.



In an effort to conserve space, as well as provide accessibility to people of all ages and sizes, appliances in drawers are becoming popular in updated kitchens. Dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators are all available in drawer form. They may be used as secondary appliances -- a second work area or storage area apart from the main one in the kitchen -- or as replacements for traditional forms of those appliances.


Microwave drawers installed in the base cabinets reduce countertop clutter and make it easier for children, shorter adults, and people with limited mobility to access the microwave.


Dishwasher drawers let you do smaller loads of dishes by using just one of the two drawers, or filling both drawers and running each through a different cycle.


Refrigerator drawers have special compartments for drinks or vegetables and the controls to keep everything at the right temperature and humidity, all while keeping those items at your fingertips for availability while cooking or during a party.


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