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Kitchen Appliance Colors

Appliances like your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and toaster are as much a part of the decor in your kitchen as your counters, cabinets and floor tiles. Some people inherit their major kitchen appliances when they move into their apartments or houses, and others have been collecting their appliances for years. If you're in the position to redecorate your entire kitchen with new appliances, give strong consideration to the color you choose, so you may coordinate with your new kitchen. If possible, choose appliances that are all one coordinating color.



White appliances will blend with bright kitchens that have been decorated with light pastel colors like soft yellow, mint green or shell pink. White appliances will also work well with color combinations that mix bright bold colors (like royal blue, deep purple or mango orange) with white. White appliances will match with cabinets that are also white or of a natural wood.



Black appliances have a sleek and modern appearance that fit well in kitchens that have already been decorated with dark or medium-dark colors. Avoid buying black appliances for a pastel-colored kitchen because black will dominate any soft or pastel colors you decorate with. Black appliances will work best with neutral-colored cabinets like gray or cabinets that are painted with a cool color like blue.


Chrome/Stainless Steel

Chrome and stainless steel appliances tend to give a kitchen a "professional" appearance, reminiscent of kitchens in restaurants and catering services. Chrome fits best with medium-dark colors and neutral color schemes that involve grays, whites, blacks and an accent color. For a kitchen with chrome appliances, adopt a no-nonsense decorating scheme with counters made from a stone or stone look-alike material and wooden cabinets.



Although common at one time, most large kitchen appliances don't come in colors anymore. Some smaller appliances--like microwaves, coffeemakers and toaster ovens--come in bright colors, perfect for accenting a color choice you've already made in your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is already decorated in a red, white and black theme, a bright red toaster will make a cute accent for your kitchen. Avoid color on larger appliances like your refrigerator. A refrigerator can last a long time -- longer than the color of your kitchen. If you choose to remodel, you'll be chained to the color of your fridge.

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