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Tips on looking after your slow cooker

 It is worthwhile taking a few minutes to read through your manufacturer’s booklet after purchasing your slow cooker.


The booklet will tell you what features make your slow unique, what techniques to use and how to adjust and be flexible once you feel confident with using your slow cooker.


Before you cook, your manufacturer will tell you to wash the pot before use. Cookers with metal pots can be conditioned by rubbing the cooking surface lightly with cooking oil or shortening.


The beauty of crock cooking is that you can ‘set it and forget it’. And it does offer the unique advantage that food will never burn on the Low setting. It will overcook if left too long, but it can be left for a very long time – eighteen hours or more – without harm. This is because steam can’t escape; the moisture is captured inside.


But there are precautions you should take to prevent other mishaps with your cooker.


Situate the cooker on a moisture-free, level surface so there is no danger of tipping.


Keep the pot out of the reach of children and pets.


If your cooker has a detachable cord, plug it into the appliance with the dial set at Off before plugging it into the outlet. After cooking, switch back to Off before unplugging form the outlet.


Ceramic pots are made to give long service, but like any ceramic, they are breakable, so shouldn’t be used directly on the range top, the oven or outdoors or in the refrigerator. Sudden temperature changes can crack them. For this reason, never put frozen foods into the pot whilst hot. Also allow pot to cool before placing into the dishwasher.


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